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Jeeves Intervenes

by Margaret Raether, based on the book by P. G. Wodehouse

Directed by John Hoffman

Audition Dates

Audition on either Monday, March 11th or Tuesday, March 12th at 7 p.m. at our new office location, 705 Story Street.

If you would like to audition but cannot make those dates, please contact the director to make arrangements.

Performance Dates

May 10, 11, 16, 17, 18


1920s high-society London is once again thrown into chaos by hapless playboy Bertie Wooster, this time in cahoots with his old school chum Eustace Bassington-Bassington. The two hatch a brilliant plan to dupe their meddling relatives in order to save Bertie from an undesired marriage and Eustace from an unwanted job in India. But will the ever-faithful manservant Jeeves be able to rescue these bumbling fools from themselves? A delightful romp full of deception and disguise.

Director's notes and other audition information

Questions: contact the director.

Thank you to all of you who came out to audition! I wish we could have had more parts; we would have cast you all.

Audition results

Jeeves Christopher Levi
Bertie Wooster Brandon Windus
Eustace Bassington-Bassington Jeremiah Zahn
Agatha Spencer-Gregson Coriann Westvold
Gertrude Winklesworth-Bode Karice Warden
Sir Rupert Watlington-Pipps Todd Reed

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