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Spring Break Youth Theatre Camp

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SQUIRREL CHORUS - They sing, they dance, they chant, they comment. May double as STUDENTS, LITTLE TOMAS, LITTLE NANCY, CHIPMUNK, and LITLE GEORGIE.

TIPPY-TOE - Squirrel narrator. Doreen's best friend and crime-fighting partner.

DOREEN GREEN - a.k.a. Squirrel Girl. Our hero, college freshman, positive, enthusiatic, protective.

DOCTOR DOOM - Obsessive, humorless super villain.

TOMAS LARA-PEREZ - College freshman, former cheerleader, Doreen's crush.

NANCY WHITEHEAD - College freshman, Doreen's dorm roomate.

BRIGHTMIND - Luminous computer science professor. Doubles as GOOD TEACHER.

SMARTNOGGIN - Brightmind's offstage teaching assistant. Doubles as MEAN TEACHER.

FREAK - Freaky new teaching assistant.

MODOC - Suspicious substitute professor and super villain whose brain houses a giant computer.

The Origin of Squirrel Girl
Doreen Green bonded with squirrels at an early age and soon developed the ability to communicate with them. She just really loves squirrels, okay? Now as Squirrel Girl, she's got all the powers of a squirrel and all the powers of a girl! Sure, Doreen's enhanced, squirrel-like strength, speed, agility, and reflexes make her gifted at climbing, jumping, and other hand-to-hand combat. And, of course, with her squirrel partner and best friend, Tippy-Toe, she's fought alongside heroes like Iron Man and battled boisterous brutes like Doctor Doom. In her heart, though, she's just a young hero who's super excited about squirrels, nuts, and kickin' butts... oh, and justice.
Marvel's Squirrel Girl Goes to College